We all have cookware at home but how many of you know what are the types of cookware and their uses? It’s always important that we know what are the types and whether are we using the right kind of pots and pans for a specific dish. And you might ask if there is any problem if we are using the wrong pot or pan. The answer would be “No” that’s not something that we are going to talk about but using the right pan and pot will not only make your cooking easier but will save you time as well.

What is your level of expertise? And what kind of cooking do you prefer? Knowing this is going to solve your need for clarification about the use of the correct pan and pots. Secondly, you sound always go for the essential cookware first, and then the specialty cookware should be used. There are many options in the market and it can be difficult to choose so we are here to give you some insight into the types of cookware and what can it be used for.

Types of Cookware

 As we all know, there are many types of cookware available in the market starting from the basic to the specialty cookware, and at times it’s very confusing which is for sometimes it’s also that two pans that look almost similar can have different uses. If you are a beginner that you should always go for efficient and cost-effective cookware. So to start with, there are 5 major types of cookware that are to be considered. Stock Pot, Saucepan, Frying pan, Saute pan, Wok, and Griddle. If you are planning to buy any cookware then the Black Friday July 2023 Sale is coming soon and you can buy the best brands in cookware at much-discounted prices.

List Of Basic CookWare

Here is the list of the most basic types of cookware that we should have if you are a newbie.

Stock Pot

It is one of the most common types of cookware that are available worldwide. The stock pot is generally used to make stock, soup, or broth. It is a wide pot with a flat deep bottom, straight large sides with a wide opening mouth to the full diameter of the pot. This pot has two handles on the sides and a lid to cover it. The tall pots are perfect for cooking soups, boiling spaghetti, sauteing, etc. There are different sizes of pots and one has to be careful which will come in handy, depending upon the size of the group.

Sauce Pan

The Saucepan is rounded bottom high sides and straight edges and usually comes with a long handle. It may or may not have a lid. The surface area is generally smaller in ratio to its height because of which the heat of the stove is evenly distributed all over the saucepan. Like any other pot, this also come in different sizes and shapes. It is generally used for cooking sauces, boiling liquid food, blanching, and many more.

Frying Pan

Frying pans are the most common and useful kitchenware that is used for cooking food that needs to be fried. These pans are generally shallow, with flat bottoms and curved sides that are perfect for flipping omelets, pancakes, etc. It also comes with a long handle, It may also have lids. You can also stir-fry veggies that need simmering with little oil. It is also used for the searing of protein. It is also known as a skillet. Depending upon the usage the skillet or fry pan comes in different sizes and materials. 

Casserole Pot

It can also be called a dutch pot which can be used for multiple purposes. These types of pots are round, oval-shaped cookware that comes with a lid. It has a wide mouth that makes it easy to stir. It is multi-purpose cookware. It is generally used for making main course food. There are different types of cookware that are available in the market such as dutch ovens, sauce pots, double boilers, and many more.


A griddle is also one of the most common cookware in the world. It has a large flat smooth surface. It is used for making pancakes, dosas, chapatis, and many more. The griddle is of different types,  electric and the other is stovetop griddle. Some griddles are also used on both sides. Griddles may or may not come with handles. Like any other cookware griddles also come in different materials.


The wok is a deep shallow bowl-like cooking pan with handles. The round bottom with slopping sides makes it perfect for the distribution of heat evenly. This is commonly seen in South Asian countries. It can swirl and jiggle due to its curved sides. It is generally used for cooking Chinese food. It is also preferred for deep frying food in oil.