A system called TRAKnet EMR was created expressly to meet the requirements of smaller podiatry practices. With capabilities including Billing Management, Scheduling, Coding, Charting, and Practice Management. TRAKnet is a 2015 ONC certified platform. The software is adaptable. So that it may be used for both on-premises and cloud-based deployments. It is a comprehensive solution that will help podiatrists run their operations more effectively. Traknet is up to date. And makes use of SmartSheet 10 technology. Allowing the program to convert ICT-9 codes to ICT-10 codes automatically. This makes it easier for consumers to compare monthly-billed data in real-time.

As a provider of cloud-based EMR and medical practice management solutions. AdvancedMD offers its users a computer environment of industrial quality. That is, with recognized processing speed, secure data access, and efficient customer service. It doesn’t need any complicated installations. Or settings because it’s web-based. The data flow could be handled by a simple internet connection. That is robust enough to manage it without interruption. Patient Scheduling, Clinical Documentation, e-Rx, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), and Financial Data Reporting. These are a few of the features of AdvancedMD. The program offers HIPAA compliance. And is routinely updated to take into account shifting medical trends.

Traknet EMR Key Features


The documentation module can help you keep better records. And increase worker productivity. Permit doctors to see patient records. Including medical records and prescriptions for medications. Workflows can be streamlined with the fewest errors possible when using intuitive systems.

Patient Communication

Give patients access to the patient portal to improve their overall experience. To provide thorough treatment plans, virtual care visits, and access to e-prescriptions. And authorized refills, make it possible for patients and doctors to communicate. This communication enhances workflow.

Easy Configuration

Create personalized dashboards for scheduling and treatment planning. And assessment using medical templates. Create configurations based on the treatment needs, medication locations, and patient health situations. Add widgets like calendars, test result reminders, and appointment alarms.


Create instant test results, patient records, and speedy invoice statements. By using electronic documentation techniques. Avoid paperwork that is prone to mistakes. To improve employee performance and minimise administrative errors.

Traknet Pricing

Traknet pricing has not been disclosed for users. But if you wish to find out and get a custom quote then contact the vendor. This will help you get an idea. You can also fill in a form that says ‘get pricing’. This kind of pricing is very budget friendly. 

Traknet Reviews

The word-based formatted charting is quite good. It is pretty simple to design templates. That are useful for your clinic. And if needed, each doctor is free to create their own templates. The worst part is billing. The most frustrating experience is following the claims and reprocessing claims, etc. at first it seems so simple. This application has absolutely no claim management. And you can just generate a number of ineffective reports to attempt. And understand what’s going on.

AdvancedMD EMR Key Features


By moving their mouse over the calendar. Users of medical scheduling applications can swiftly access appointments and patient data. Monitoring patient visits can help reduce the incidence of no-shows. And scheduling repeat appointments, and sending automated patient reminders.


Face-to-face conference calls. And secure still image or high-resolution video conference screenshot transmissions are made easier. That is, by telemedicine features. They are then stored in patient files in conformity with HIPAA regulations. Telemedicine appointments are scheduled and seen on a dashboard calendar. 

Health Watcher

To help patients adhere to treatment programs, HealthWatcher offers auto-alerts and personalized healthcare plans. It can track and trend the health of the patient population. All thanks to its interoperable platform. Additionally, based on variables like age, sex, test findings, and diagnosis. It enables the creation of personalized healthcare programs to address particular illnesses.


In a single location, it enables doctors to view and plan appointments. Also, staff and patient messages. And referral letters, test results, and to-do lists. The doctor and their team can reply to inquiries. They can also transmit clinical reports. Or answer to requests for patient appointments or prescription renewals. Doctors can communicate with the staff using the facility’s interoffice messaging system.

AdvancedMD Pricing

AdvancedMD EHR pricing is not disclosed on its website. That means that pricing for the tool is customizable. But you can request for a custom quote if you want an idea. Scheduling a demo is also a good idea. That is, because the demo will give you fair concept of the tool. It will also guide and help you understand the features of the software. 

AdvancedMD Reviews

The system is simple to use once it has been configured. Both posting and running reports are simple. It is simple to track who did what. And when in the system because everything is time and user stamped. This function is fantastic for accountability. It is well made to fit any medical facility. Doctors, clinical managers, office managers, and healthcare executives among others can use it. It is simple to use, and customer service is excellent. There were no actual possibilities for personal preferences. Because it wasn’t actually designed for PT CPT codes, there were problems with coding and billing.

An easy-to-use cloud-based solution is AdvancedMD. While some users appreciated the system’s integration and customization features. A much larger number expressed acute dissatisfaction with other system features. 

Modernizing Health purchased the cloud-based practice management software program TRAKnet by NEMO Health. It can help with tracking, scheduling, charting etc. 

Both softwares have their own capabilities. Keep your requirements in mind. And also, your budget It is necessary that the EHR meets your financial needs. So, choose wisely and invest in a tool that will help your practice.