Internet and smartphones have brought a big change in our daily lifestyle. Now we take the help of the internet and some good online platforms in every situation of our life. Living in the remotest place, a person can remain connected to the world if he has those two things. Internet is bringing a revolution in every sphere. Hundreds of online sites are providing us with various necessary services. Some online platforms require a subscription charge for using their services. However, some are giving their services free of cost.

How Teaching And Learning Are Changing

Big changes can be noticed in the area of education. Now learning is not limited to the four walls of the school room. It has gone beyond the boundary of the school. Internet has made it possible to learn anytime anywhere. Different online sites are helping students and teachers to hold virtual classrooms in real time. One of the main pillars of learning is good interaction between a teacher and his students. It creates a healthy bonding where a dormant mind flourishes. ‘Google Meet’ and ‘Zoom Meeting’ are already catering their services in this segment.

Pear Deck’s Joinpd is another interesting site for teachers and students. Here a teacher can create an interactive presentation and students can participate in it. For this, the teacher is required to give a secret code to his students. By entering this secret code a student can join in such an interactive presentation. It is absolutely free of cost. This platform is helping students to get connected with a mentor or teacher after school hours.

Its Effect On the Entertainment Segment

Watching movies or serials has crossed the boundaries of cinema halls and television. One can easily watch new or old movies or serials online. Netflix and Amazon Prime are global players in this segment. They charge subscription fees from users. On these platforms, you will see many new series or movies coming after regular intervals. You can watch any one of them from the comfort of your home. Omgflix is another good online movie streaming site like Netflix. It gives free access to all of its contents. Its contents range from movies to television shows. The site is very simple to use and doesn’t require you to sign up. It is a worthwhile site for those who watch movies occasionally. Because you don’t have to pay high subscription fees for just one or two movies. You can select your favorite genre from the categories and watch your selected movie.

If we go back a little bit in past, we would find how our world around us has changed since then. With just a click we are connecting with another person sitting in another country. World news and crucial updates are appearing on our phone’s notifications. We are taking the help of online maps to reach an unknown place. We are taking lessons from a teacher who is sitting in another place. We are watching movies or enjoying songs that have just been released.